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Mango Ice Cream Tart Recipe

Today we have the Mango Ice Cream Tart recipe for all our readers out there. If you’re fond of mangoes you can definitely try this recipe as a dessert. Also, it is very super easy to make.

Mango Ice Cream Tart

Before we describe the entire recipe for the mango dessert, please note down all the ingredients you may need for this recipe. If you do try this out do let us know through our social media platforms.


  • Mangoes – 2 pieces
  • Sweet Cream – 1/2 cup
  • Candi Biscuits – 1/2 Roll
  • Melted Butter 1/2 tbsp
  • Whipped Cream for toppings
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Prepare the Mango Paste

So let’s start the Mango Ice Cream Tart recipe. The first step of this recipe is to slice up 2 pieces of Mangoes. Make the slices very small and then add in the grinder to make a thick paste of these slices. Add 1/2 half cup of sweet cream to the paste and mix it well. Now what you have to do is freeze this prepared paste for the next three hours.

Let it Cool and Mix it Up

The next step is to check the frozen paste prepared earlier after three hours. Spoon it all around so that it does not remain intact, and freeze it again for the next eight hours. After these eight hours, you have to repeat this step. Spoon the paste all around once again and then freeze it for the next eight hours.

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Candi Biscuits

Now the next step is to take 1/2 roll of Candi Biscuits and add them to the grinder with 1/2 tbsp Melted Butter in it. Grind it well. Take the prepared crumb and flatten it out on a plate. Now take out the Frozen Mango Ice Cream prepared in the steps earlier. Add scoops of the Ice Cream on the top of the crushed crumbs of biscuit paste prepared in this step. Now flatten the Frozen Mango Ice Cream scoops on the surface and then refrigerate the material for the next 7 hours.

Almost Done

Now you need to add the Crushed biscuits on the top of the refrigerated material. Also, add some Whipped Cream for toppings as peruse. Additionally, you can add little pieces of mangoes on the top for some presentation and it’s done. The Mango Ice Cream Tart recipe is done and the dessert is ready to be served.

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