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Chocolate Oreo Frappe | Chocolate Oreo Dessert Recipe

So today we have Chocolate Oreo Frappe or you can call it Chocolate Oreo Dessert as well. It’s something different and you won’t find it on the internet quite often.

Chocolate Oreo Frappe

Before we proceed into the full recipe, make sure you have the list of ingredients you may need for this recipe.

  • Milk ½ kg
  • Cornflour 1 tsp
  • Sugar – Cheeni 2 tbsp
  • Oreo Biscuits
  • Cream ½ Packet
  • Melted Chocolate

Chocolate Oreo Frappe in Urdu

For the people who are from Pakistan and need the recipe in Urdu, here is a complete handwritten form of the recipe in Urdu. You can also read the Lahori Cholay Recipe on our website.

Chocolate Oreo in Urdu

Chocolate Oreo Dessert

The first step you need to do is Boil Milk ½ kg, and add Cornflour 1 tsp in it. Let it cool and make a custard mixture. Now add this custard mixture in a bowl. Now add Sugar – Cheeni 2 tbsp in the bowl.

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Separate the Cream

On the other side, you need to separate cream from Oreo biscuits. Open the biscuits up and separate the cream of the biscuits in a small cup. Now add that separated cream from the Oreo biscuits in the custard mixture. Furthermore, add any Cream ½ Packet into the mixture. Mix it thoroughly.


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Chunk it Down

Now is the time to break the biscuits which had cream separated from them into small chunks. Gather the chunks of biscuits into a small cup and add them to the mixture prepared in the previous step. Mix it well for the chunks to blend in. If you are having any difficulty in understanding the steps of the recipe, you can watch the entire process of the recipe in the link below or our YouTube channel as well.


Now prepare another crushed form of Oreo biscuits. Once they are crushed as little as they can be, add two tbsp of those crushed material in a glass. On top of that, add the mixture we had prepared in the previous step. Fill the glass to its half quantity. Now you need melted chocolate and add it to the top of the mixture in the glass. Layer the melted chocolate above the mixture.

Repeat the Layering

Repeat the steps again. Add the next layer by adding crushed oreo biscuits, a mixture prepared in the early steps, and melted chocolate on the very top of the glass. You can further add crushed and chunk of Oreo biscuits on the top. On the side of the glass put an Oreo biscuit for the presentation.

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The recipe is complete. All you need is to add another layer of melted chocolate on the top of the glass for presentation. The Chocolate Oreo dessert is ready to be served to your guest. Let us know in the comments below if you liked our recipe.

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