You are currently viewing Malpua Recipe in Urdu | Malpura Recipe

Malpua Recipe in Urdu | Malpura Recipe

Today we bring Malpua Recipe in Urdu and English for you all. This sweet, crunchy dessert is liked and made in South Asian homes. Normally it is served in the mornings or it can also be enjoyed in rainy weather as a snack with tea.

Malpua Recipe

This soft and tempting dessert is mouthwatering. The convenient part of this recipe is you need only three ingredients which are usually available at home. We will encourage all the ladies out there who are new to the kitchen, to try out this recipe as it is very simple and quick in the making.

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Before we get into the recipe, please read and note down all the ingredients you will need for this recipe. Many followers had requested us for this recipe and here it is.

  • Maida – Flour 1 Cup
  • Sugar – 2 tbsp
  • Milk – 1/2 cup

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Malpua Recipe in Urdu

For the convenience of our Pakistani fans, here is the handwritten form of the complete Malpua recipe in Urdu. If you have any questions related to it, please leave your comments below, we will try to entertain your queries as much as we can. Here is the complete recipe both in Urdu and English.

Malpua Recipe in Urdu

Prepare Malpua

The first step is to prepare Malpua. For it, you need to take a bowl and add 1 cup Maida- Flour in it. Also, add 2 tbsp sugar to it. Lastly, add 1/2 cup milk to it. Mix well. Add some water to adjust the consistency of it.


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Fry Malpua

Preparation of Malpua is already done. Now what you need to do is to fry. Put some oil in a pan for frying. Heat it and add malpua mixture. Make sure to add it gradually with some sort of a big spoon and make it in round shapes. Fry till golden brown in color. We have different recipes on our website, if you want Noodles Pakora recipe they are also available on our website.

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Additionally, if you have any problems regarding the recipe or figuring out the steps. You can check out the complete video of Malpua Recipe preparation on our YouTube channel. The link to the video is attached below.

Malpua is Ready to Serve

Once it is fried, serve the sweet tooth Malpua delight to everyone around you. You no longer need recipes that have a long ingredient list or recipes that consume time. It is the perfect dessert you can have for your guests, or friends and family. It’s crunchy, soft in taste. Hence, it’s an easy snack to prepare and enjoy with family friends at teatime.

In the hometown of team Ammi Jaan Kitchen, the people of Multan city loved to have it in their breakfast. It has become one of the most popular and demanding recipes of breakfast in the rest of the world too because of its tempting taste.

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